Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's just DO Pinterest

So I declared this week "must get off Pinterest and just DO Pinterest"... starting in the kitchen. I really do enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, but it is not a passion of mine and I can be easily swayed into eating out or just opening a can of soup. But Pinterest has made me think I really can fry up that bacon in a pan so I decided that I WILL save money by cooking more often and I WILL have a great dinner on the table for my husband and I WILL enjoy it.

As luck would have it, this came just as my neighbor offered me a slew (how much is a slew, really?) of fresh picked but over ripe pears. So, off to pinterest I went in search of a recipe for pear something or other.... about 5 recipes later that sounded just okay, I ended up creating my own recipe for Gingered Pear Honey.

Let me say, it is FABULOUS tasting. So much I wanted to go buy a ham just to slather it on, but I settled for some deli slices. Oh. My. Word. And look how PRETTY it is!!

So, for my first real post on my blog, I will impress you with my cooking skills with an original recipe:

Julie's Crockpot Gingered Pear Honey

2 dozen fresh picked tiny pears peeled and cored
1 small can crushed pineapple
5-6 squares of candied Ginger (I love this stuff -- like candy to me!)
3 c. Sugar
Dump it all in crockpot and stir until just mixed. Put on low overnight (6-8 hours). Turn off and let cool so you don't burn the crap out of yourself and blend in a blender or with a hand blender to thin consistency. Pour into sterilized jars and keep in refrigerator or if you have a canner, go for it.

Tomorrow I may show you more of my skills...and just how horrible my kitchen looks!!

Hello World!

So, here’s the deal. After two years as a stay-at-home mom of a now toddler who is kicking my ass daily, I have decided it is time to blog about my experiences as an over 40 mom raising a beautifully exhausting nearly 23 month old girl I call Bean. I often say to people “This is why people should have kids in their 20s” as I am chasing her around — thus the title of this blog.

Of course, like all good mommies, this blog will also create a "history" for our family of our antics, our challenges, and our fun moments. However, this blog will also be alot about me -- the Bean gets most of the attention these days, so I need all the attention I can get elsewhere. If you know me, you will know I am often honest to a fault and often an "over sharer" and certainly don't consider many (if any) topics to be private. Therefore, this blog will be a random collection of stories I have written, art I have created, disasters I have made, ah-ha moments I have had, and more than likely a chance to bitch about something such as my husband's dirty bathroom, needing to get serious about getting healthier, and anything else that annoys me.

So, there you have it. My first post. Welcome to my world.